Top cooking youtube channels in Kerala

Updated on Dec 02 2021

Village Food Chann Firoz chuttipara

5.63M Subscribers

1. Village Food Channel

Firoz chuttipara from Palakkad preparing Village Style Foods, Traditional Food Recipes etc.

Joined Jan 17, 2018

Shamees Kitchen

3.51M Subscribers

2. Shamees Kitchen

Youtube Channel by Shameera, Malayalam top subscribed cooking channel.

Joined Sep 14, 2017

Veena's Curryworld

2.28M Subscribers

3. Veena's Curryworld

Youtube Channel by Veena from Dubai, Malayalam cooking channel.

Joined Oct 30, 2015

Mia kitchen

2.11M Subscribers

4. Mia kitchen

Youtube Channel by Mia from US, Malayalam cooking channel.

Joined Mar 22, 2013

Lekshmi Nair

1.53M Subscribers

5. Lekshmi Nair

Youtube Channel by Lekshmi Nair for Cooking, Beauty tips, Lifestyle and travel vlogs.

Joined Jan 30, 2019

Mums Daily

1.53M Subscribers

6. Mums Daily

Youtube channel by Neethu Johns share her own Indian style Recipes,Kids Recipes, Cleaning tips, Family Vlogs, DIY's etc.

Joined Oct 6, 2018

Ayesha's Kitchen

1.51M Subscribers

7. Ayesha's Kitchen

Youtube channel by Ayesha Farhana shares malabar recipes, north Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cuisines.

Joined Sep 8, 2007

Kannur kitchen

1.47M Subscribers

8. Kannur kitchen

The videos on this channel includes lots of Tips and detailed explanations which makes it easier for new learners.

Joined Nov 29, 2017

Annammachedathi Special

1.32M Subscribers

9. Annammachedathi Special

This Youtube channel contains all types of food recipes with interesting Videos

Joined Dec 1, 2019

Salu Kitchen

1.2M Subscribers

10. Salu Kitchen

Salu Kitchen Youtube Channel includes Simple Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian And Healthy Cooking Recipes.

Joined Apr 25, 2014