Highest youtube subscribers in Kerala non TV

Updated on Aug 12 2021

Karikku top subscibed youtube channel in kerala

7.17M Subscribers

1. Karikku

Karikku is the most youtube subscribers in Kerala. Web series by karikku team.

Joined Aug 16, 2016

M4 Tech Geo Joseph and Praveen Joseph

6.77M Subscribers

2. M4 Tech

Geo Joseph and Praveen Joseph are posting videos of Android Tips & Tricks, Unboxing, Reviews.

Joined Apr 16, 2017

Rai Star

5.36M Subscribers

3. Rai Star

Youtube Channel by Akshay content creator of Garena Free Fire.

Joined Nov 4, 2019

Village Food Chann Firoz chuttipara

5.15M Subscribers

4. Village Food Channel

Firoz chuttipara from Palakkad preparing Village Style Foods, Traditional Food Recipes etc.

Joined Jan 17, 2018

Shamees Kitchen

3.38M Subscribers

5. Shamees Kitchen

Youtube Channel by Shameera, Malayalam top subscribed cooking channel.

Joined Sep 14, 2017

Arjun Roasted TikTok

3.36M Subscribers

6. Arjyou

Arjun posting Videos of Vloggs, Reactions, Vines, Games. His channel is fastest growing youtube channel subscribers in Malayalam.

Joined Aug 10, 2013


3.2M Subscribers

7. UNBOXINg dude

Youtube Channel for Mobile and Technology and lifestyle vlogs.

Joined Nov 9, 2017

Mallu Traveler

2.45M Subscribers

8. Mallu Traveler

Youtube Channel by Shakir Subhan, an adventure traveler, from Kerala.

Joined Sep 12, 2010

Fishing Freaks

2.38M Subscribers

9. Fishing Freaks

Youtube Channel by Sebin Cyriac, top subscribed fishing channels in India.

Joined Nov 24, 2017

Veena's Curryworld

2.19M Subscribers

10. Veena's Curryworld

Youtube Channel by Veena from Dubai, Malayalam cooking channel.

Joined Oct 30, 2015

Mia kitchen

2.03M Subscribers

11. Mia kitchen

Youtube Channel by Mia from US, Malayalam cooking channel.

Joined Mar 22, 2013


1.8M Subscribers

12. E Bull Jet

Youtube Channel by Ebin and Libin featuring van life in India.

Joined Aug 22, 2019

Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

1.61M Subscribers

13. Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan

Youtube Channel by Sujith Bhakthan for Travel, Food, Technology, Lifestyle & Automotive.

Joined Aug 1, 2016

Unnimaya Youtube Channel

1.46M Subscribers

14. SimplyMyStyle!! unni

Youtube Channel by Unnimaya, channel for diy, beauty, makeup etc.

Joined Sep 26, 2017

Jayaraj G Nath

1.43M Subscribers

15. Jayaraj G Nath

Youtube Channel for Mobile and Technology Reviews.

Joined Sep 30, 2011

Lekshmi Nair

1.42M Subscribers

16. Lekshmi Nair

Youtube Channel by Lekshmi Nair for Cooking, Beauty tips, Lifestyle and travel vlogs.

Joined Jan 30, 2019

Karthik Surya

1.37M Subscribers

17. Karthik Surya

Youtube Channel by Karthik Surya uploading life style videos.

Joined Aug 24, 2011

Arun Smoki

1.3M Subscribers

18. Arun Smoki

Youtube Channel by Arun Smoki, Automotive & Traveling Vlogger.

Joined Jan 24, 2017

Voice of Safuvan Saqafi Pathappiriyam

1.24M Subscribers

19. Voice of Safuvan Saqafi Pathappiriyam

Youtube Channel by Safuvan Saqafi Pathappiriyam for Islamic devotional videos.

Joined Mar 19, 2016

Kaztro Gaming

1.18M Subscribers

20. Kaztro Gaming

Youtube Channel by Muhammed Ramees uploading Gaming Videos & Live streams related to PUBG & PC Gaming.

Joined Mar 19, 2019

Ratheesh R Menon

1.02M Subscribers

21. Ratheesh R Menon

Youtube Channel by Ratheesh R Menon for Interview, Travel, Technology.

Joined Jul 11, 2012